RGIII and His Zero Accountability

Published on 9-Dec-2013 by Towner Park

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RGIII and His Zero Accountability

The Washington Redskins are an embarrasment this season.

But I don't have to tell you that. Look at their record.

At a putrid 3-10, they're the second-worst team in the entire NFL. They're not only ineffective offensively, but defensively, they can't even master the fundamental aspect of tackling. Take a look at the Dwayne Bowe touchdown from yesterday, late in the first quarter; there were three failed opportunities to bring Bowe down when he bounced off the Redskins secondary as if they were pinball bumpers.

After a 45-10 shellacking at the hands of the Chiefs, the Redskins -- at home, mind you -- showed no energy, drive, or desire to even compete. If you want, you can excuse their ineptitude by blaming it on the weather. However, I will firmly state that this team is fading and their so-called leader isn't taking any accountability for his actions.

Like any formidable team, you need a leader -- if not several leaders -- in the locker room to maintain peace and level-headedness. Robert Griffin III doesn't display any of these qualities. He could be the byproduct of an egotistical owner who has bestowed him with too much power. RGIII is young, immature, and brash. He was thrust into the spotlight at an early age, and whoever is mentoring him isn't do the job. He speaks 'way too much, offers 'way too much insight, and never takes any of the accountability for what he does on the field. He throws around the term, "we" as if it's lost its meaning.

I feel as though his usage of the pronoun we means that everyone else, aside from him, needs to improve.

Yes, the Redskins need to start utilizing their talents by placing an enormous emphasis on the run, adding formation variants to confuse opposing defenses, and mix in a deep passing threat to keep the defenses honest. They also need to focus on team tackling, containing the edges, and learning how to properly wrap up a ball carrier.

But it seems as though RGIII isn't realizing that, if you're the star quarterback, you're going to receive the brunt of the criticism. If he does realize that, he's shrugging off the criticism as if it was non-deserving and misdirected.

RGIII isn't the same. That's been evident through the first 13 games he's played in. In fact, he was so ineffective on Sunday that Shanahan decided to bench him in the fourth quarter in hope of a spark. Some may blame his poor play on his premature return to football from that devastating knee injury. This may be the case, but RGIII isn't dumb. He knows his body better than anyone else in the world. He's just too arrogant right now for his own good.

Call it growing pains, but RGIII is not the leader he should be right now and is only a hindrance once he steps up to the microphone after another loss.

Every dominant player should be confident, but arrogance can cloud one's judgment. RGIII isn't doing what he should, as the face of this franchise, to establish any type of leadership inside and outside the locker room. Even former players, including Darrell Green, are noticing his inability to lead this team.

It might have just been too much, too soon for RGIII. He's an undeniable talent, but someone needs to sit him down and tell him to shut up, play football, open a dictionary, and read the word accountability outloud until he's blue in the face.

You're only embarrassing yourself, RGIII. It's time for you to wake up and come to realization that if you want this team -- your team -- to succeed, you need to learn how to lead and take responsibility for your own actions.