Ray Rice Reflecting Poorly on Ravens

Published on 28-Feb-2014 by Towner Park

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Ray Rice Reflecting Poorly on Ravens

It's been a nightmarish month of Februrary for Ray Rice and his fiancée.

Especially his fiancée.

According to police reports, Ray Rice "knocked his fiancée unconscious" at an Atlantic City casino. Both were charged with simple assault-domestic violence.

TMZ got the video:

Rice, coming off his worst season since his rookie campaign in 2008, could possibly be on the decline in Baltimore. After a disastrous season where he only managed one 100-yard rushing game, this could be the straw that broke the camel's back for Rice.

Although Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh firmly believes Rice's arrest won't affect his position with the team, there is still uncertainly on what the fallout might be.

If Rice is convicted, he'd most likely face disciplinary actions from everyone's favorite sports cop, Roger Goddell. Maybe this is his first entry on the rap sheet, but he could still be fined, suspended, or placed on probation.

Despite the allegations, Torrey Smith came to Rice's defense when questioned about the arrest. Smith was quoted as saying, “Who are we to judge them? We don’t know what happened, and we don’t know what they’re building on. I’ve talked to him, and they are in a great space and trying to continue to grow from it."

Smith and his fiancée are good friends with Rice and his fiancée and they talk frequently. Smith has become a spokesman for the Ravens and recalls how much positvity Rice has brought to the Baltimore community and the Ravens organization.

As outsiders, we must let due diligence take its course. All I can say is that the allegations reflect poorly on Rice and the Ravens organization.

Let's just hope that everyone involved learned from their mistake and that this sort of thing doesn't happen again.