Prez Debates vs NFL: Who's Running This Country, Anyway?

Published on 30-Jul-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Prez Debates vs NFL: Who's Running This Country, Anyway?

Just when the 2016 Presidential race couldn't get any wackier, of course it did.

Eyebrows and voices are now being raised as the political poobahs are realizing that the NFL actually plays games on Thursdays.

Sorta like they've been doing for the past ten years, starting in the days when Dubya called the White House home.

But, as in most political campaigns, why let facts get in the way?

In other words ...

Then again, maybe not.

It didn't take a Pulitzer Prize winner to quickly uncover the reality that a non-partisan outfit called the Commission on Presidential Debates set the 2016 dates a year ago.

That was back when the chalk was on Jeb Bush to square off against either Joseph Biden or Hillary Clinton.

Presidential debate dates for 2016

Still, that was so last year. Who remembers stuff that long ago, anyway?

But that's not the cool part.

This is:

NFL letter to Trump tweets

So, whom to disbelieve? Tough choice:

Or will this merely be another loose end that gets left hanging for the moment?

Other than that, what to do on the Thursdays in question is a no-brainer.

Watch the games.

Debates happen, but nothing gets sorted until the fact checkers do their own version of instant replay.

Because, be it claims coming from Republican or Democrat, there'll be enough disbelief to go around.