Ponder Worries about Vikings Acquiring Freeman

Published on 10-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Ponder Worries about Vikings Acquiring Freeman

The last few weeks for Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder haven't exactly been ideal.

First of all, he got injured in the Vikings victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then, he found out his team just acquired former Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman.

On the outside looking in, this may be a big deal for the Vikings because it does say to Ponder that they may be ready for a change, and he definitely realizes that.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. We'll see how things play out," Ponder commented.

But a few minutes later, Ponder recovered from the shock sufficiently enough to go into PR mode and said he wasn't worried.

"My confidence is high, which may be surprising to some people."

You're right, Christian. In a candid moment, instead of sounding confident, you faced up to the reality that you may be losing your starting job.

If you check out Ponder's stats, you'll understand why the Vikings might be willing to take a chance on Freeman. Although the former Seminole is almost hitting 60% of his passes, he hasn't even thrown for 1000 yards in a season yet and has more interceptions (5) than touchdowns (2).

With those numbers front and center, how can he be upset about the Vikes picking up Freeman?

Now true, Minnesota's offense is more focused on Adrian Peterson and the running game, but with teams concentrating more on stopping Peterson, the Vikings need at least a game manager to keep defenses honest every once in a while.

Maybe they found that with Freeman.

Which, in all likelihood, means the end of the line for Christian Ponder. At least in Minnesota.