OBJ Continues Volatile Relationship with Kicking Net

Published on 17-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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OBJ Continues Volatile Relationship with Kicking Net

There's someone or something out there for everybody.

This old adage has never been more accurate than in the case of Odell Beckham Jr, whose hot-&-cold relationship with a kicking net reached a new level of intimacy this week.

OBJ went nuts on Sunday, lighting up the helpless Ravens to the tune of 222 yards and two scores on eight catches.

That is quality stuff.

As interesting as the action was on the field, the soap opera taking place on the Giants' sideline was far more compelling.

The kicking net, which you may recall, Odell physically and emotionally abused on national television a few weeks back, returned to provide us with more drama.

Beckham's mood appears to be solely dictated by his performance on the field, so the sideline apparatus has been spared additional humiliation recently due to his improved play.

In fact, they appear to have taken that perilous next step in the form of an engagement, and are comfortable enough to carry on shamelessly in public.

OBJ is having fun balling again, which is good news for everyone, excluding opposing secondaries of course.

However, dude can be rather impulsive, so this engagement may be short lived.

Good luck, you crazy kids.