No Fun League Says Graham Dunks Are Only Worth $15,000 Per

Published on 22-Aug-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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No Fun League Says Graham Dunks Are Only Worth $15,000 Per

The USA's most popular league wants its employees to stick to the skills of one sport.

Its sport.

Is that too much to ask?

Don't players like Jimmy Graham realize they could confuse football fans if they go off-task?

And what's worse, this miscreant doesn't always leave things the way he found them.

Goalposts are expensive, and even kajillion-dollar monoliths like the NFL count their pennies, which they clearly throw around like manhole covers. Ask anyone who's ever volunteered to help lift a few of them. Like players. It's no surprise they're at the low end of the average sports salary and career-length scale.

Vandals like Graham must be why the NFL has asked upcoming entertainers at Super Bowl halftimes to stop freeloading. Maybe they want the performers to pitch in for the repairs.

Hell, if that's an issue, just ask Beyoncé back and let the fans get close to the stage with handfuls of dollar bills.

The Saints receiver got off easy.  LeBron James flushed 141 dunks last season, and with his $19,067,500 compensation for 2013-2014, the going rate for high-end entertainment works out to $135,023.49 per skill display. And the NFL is a high-end product.

Just ask any fan who attends a game.

They pay to see what the NFL wants them to see. And that's the reality.

The NFL reality.