NFL Week 9: What We Learned

Published on 4-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 9: What We Learned

This week in the NFL ,we should be discussing all the exciting finishes, the health of some NFL coaches, and asking how these offenses are putting up big numbers.

Instead, the biggest story in the league is one player bullying and threatening another.

Anyway, let's try to get our focus back on the field.

What's happening with NFL defenses? ... In the past few weeks, we've seen two teams give up seven touchdown passes in one game, another team that is known for its great defense give up 55 points, and yet another team surrenders more than 40 points. Have NFL teams forgotten how to play defense or are offenses just that good? I think it's a little of both. The rules, as most defensive players know all too well, are geared towards the offense. Not only that, the lack of great defensive players in the NFL is starting to show. There are no more Bruce Smiths, Lawrence Taylors, Warren Sapps, and such, and it shows. 

Are we finally seeing Chip Kelly's offense work? ... It sure looked like it yesterday. Nick Foles tied that NFL record with those seven touchdown passes as the Eagles put up 49 points. Granted, it was against the Raiders, but still, maybe we are finally seeing what his offense looks like when it's clicking. At least half of it. Pac-12 observers will remind NFL fans that the secret to Oregon's offense is actually the fact that it's run-first with the quarterback in that mix. This is definitely one reason why ol' Chipper is having to make a bit of an adjustment in the pro game. Time will tell if he can adapt. The thinking is he will. With those seven strikes in one game, maybe he already is.

Andrew Luck is pretty damn good ... We always hear talk about how good Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III are, but how much credit does Andrew Luck get? This kid is the real deal, too, and while Griffin -- and to a certain extent, Wilson -- have fallen off a little bit, Luck just keeps going. He defeated Peyton Manning two weeks ago, and last night, he orchestrated the 10th comeback in his short career. Folks, he is good and may be the best out of the 2012 quarterbacking draft class

Saints and Seahawks struggle away from home ... These two teams have probably the two best home field advantages in the league -- which well and truly saved the Seahawks yesterday -- but get them away from home, and it's another story. The Saints lost for only the second time this season, but it was on the road at the hands of the New York Jets. Both of the Saints' losses have come on the road, and in the past, Seattle has struggled just as much, if not more. It's going to be crucial as to which team can break through on the road and get home field advantage in the NFC playoffs. 

Is hazing getting out of hand? ... The Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin story makes me question whether all this hazing is getting out of hand. Then again, by definition, hazing is almost always out of hand. Most of the things I've heard about in this situation is borderline harassment. This man threatened another guy's family and tossed in a racial slur on top of that. This is not a prank gone wrong, it's bullying, and the NFL needs to put a stop to it before it turns violent. Good for the Dolphins for cutting Incognito loose. Mind you, he probably did them a favor; this saves them $4million that is now not owed to him.

What to notice in Week 10:

  • Who has the worst team in the state of Florida, the Dolphins or Bucs?
  • Can Rob Ryan's defense shut down the Dallas Cowboys?
  • And how many points will be scored between the Eagles and Packers?

And with NFL scores approachin NBA levels, this may be the most fitting play of the week:

The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 9: Celebrate Good Times

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