NFL Week 16: What We Learned

Published on 23-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 16: What We Learned

'Twas the weekend before Christmas in the NFL. Some teams made the playoffs; some teams went straight to ...

Well you know.

So without further ado, let's get it started, before Santa and his reindeer are soon to be departed. 

Tony Romo can make a big play ... If we're all going to jump Tony Romo for losing games like he did last week, let's also give him credit for stepping up to the plate and winning games, as well. With the Cowboys needing a big play to save their season, Romo threw a touchdown pass on fourth-and-ten to not only win the game, but to save the Dallas Cowboys' season. Romo and the 'Boys may still not make the playoffs, but at least for this week, Romo is the hero.

Peyton Manning deserves to be MVP ... I know I said last week that Tom Brady should be seriously considered for the NFL's Most Valuable Player Award, but you just can't ignore Peyton Manning and what he's done. For starters, he broke the NFL all-time touchdown record in a season again (51) and led his team to another division title, most likely securing the No 1 seed in the AFC throughout the playoffs. And just two years ago, people wondered if Manning still had what it takes. Obviously, he still does.

NFC North is lousy ... All season, we thought the NFC East was bad, but the NFC North wasn't that much better. All four teams in the division lost this past weekend. The Lions lost to the Giants, effectively eliminating them from the playoffs. Chicago was blown out by the Eagles, and the Packers lost to the Steelers. The only good thing to come out this is the Bears and Packers will face each other in a winner-take-all game next week. The Packers have been wobbling without Aaron Rodgers. You think he'll play next week with everything on the line? Um, yeah

The Dolphins are still the Dolphins ... The Miami Dolphins had a chance to make it to the playoffs. Instead, they got blown out by the Buffalo Bills. Can't say I'm too surprised, because that seems to be their MO this season. Win big, as in defeating the Patriots last week; lose big to the Bills. The Dolphins are just as inconsistent -- and maybe even more so -- as the Dallas Cowboys. And that's saying something. 

Panthers prove they can hang with the big boys ... When the Carolina Panthers got handed their butts to them by the New Orleans Saints two weeks ago, I thought the Panthers weren't quite ready for prime time. They proved me wrong. The Panthers are not only ready, but they're my dark horse to make it to the Super Bowl. Cam Newton showed the poise and confidence of a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning in driving his team down the field for the winning score. And Carolina's defense held the Saints and Drew Brees, who continue to struggle on the road, in check. Watch out for the Panthers

What to look for Week 17 :

Winner take all games between the Cowboys and Eagles and Bears and Packers.

Will the Broncos play Peyton Manning even though they have wrapped up their division?

And who will get the overall first pick in the draft?

Merry Christmas guys and see you next week!