NFL Week 11: What We Learned

Published on 18-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL Week 11: What We Learned

Week 11 of the NFL season was bizarre.

We had tornadoes, a weird ending to a great game, and by the way, the two top teams in the AFC played each other last night. With that being said, let's get started.

The Chiefs are who we thought they were ... We all kinda knew that the Kansas City Chiefs were living on borrowed time this season. They're a good team, but not great. The Denver Broncos are a pretty good team, and when they lost, they lost to a good team in the Colts. The Chiefs played decent defense last night, holding Peyton Manning to one touchdown pass. The problem is their offense. Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense could do hardly anything against the Denver defense, the same defense that gave up 48 points to the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe now the 49ers feel better about keeping Colin Kaepernick and trading Smith. Kansas City will still give teams trouble, but don't look for them to be in the AFC Championship game. 

Did refs make the right call in the Saints game? ... First of all, let me say that according to the rules, the refs in the Saints-49ers game made the right call against the 49ers, the question is should they have called it? It was a call that changed the game for the other team. In moments like this, should the refs let it go and let them play? Of course, 49er fans are hollering to let them play, and Saints fans are saying the right call was made. But this call could be the difference between the Saints playing on the road in the playoffs and playing at home, especially if the Seattle Seahawks lose again. It also could have cost the 49ers a division title, too. 

Is Rex Ryan this dumb? ... The New York Jets losing to the Buffalo Bills is only half of this story. We can talk about Geno Smith throwing three picks, etc, but did you know that head coach Rex Ryan took his players to Dave and Buster's instead of watching game film? Yes, Jets fans, your coach did this; feel free to let your heads explode now. Can you see Bill Bellichick taking his team to Dave and Buster's the week of a game? Um, no. But you can see Rex Ryan doing this because he's Rex Ryan. Ryan thinks he can get away with stunts like this, and he has for the last few years. If this is the game that costs the Jets a spot in the playoffs, we'll see how invincible Ryan is. 

Should the NFL consider canceling games when bad weather is in the play? ... Eighty tornadoes hit the Midwest yesterday, and several were in the Chicago vicinity. It was known as late as Saturday night that the area was going to experience bad weather at the very least. Should the NFL have canceled the game or pushed it back to Monday? I think so. Can you imagine if a tornado had hit Solider Field? Other than the Broncos or Patriots, I mean. The NFL was just lucky that nothing happened, but eventually their luck may run out. Maybe the NFL should consider moving games or canceling them if weather conditions are bad. Looking silly the next day if nothing happened would be much better than looking stupid if something tragic did.

The Giants and Philly are creeping up on the Cowboys ... If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan like I am, you knew this was coming. You knew the Cowboys would find a way to screw up their lead in the NFC and let the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants take advantage, and they have. The Eagles now have a half-game lead over the Cowboys, who were off this week (thank goodness), and the Giants are starting do what the Giants do best, which is make comebacks. The G-men look lousy during the first half of the season and then look better in the second half; that's the Giants for you. The only good news for the Cowboys is they are still undefeated in the division and can stretch their lead if they defeat the Giants next week in New York. I'm not holding my breath on that one. 

What to look for Week 12:

  • Manning vs Brady one more time who comes out on top?
  • Can the Cowboys bounce back against the Giants?

And can the Falcons pull one out against the hated Saints or will that New Orleans voodoo continue to stick pins in the right places?

See you next week!