NFL's Clueless Commish Steps in It Again

Published on 25-Jul-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL's Clueless Commish Steps in It Again

Will the NFL ever take a hard look at itself when it comes to the inanity of their punishment policies?

How can anyone justify doling out harsh punishments to players who violate the drug policy and lighter punishment for those players who beat women?

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was suspended the whole season for violating the NFL's Drug Policy, which quite frankly, he deserved.

But explain to me why the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice only gets suspended two games for beating up his wife?

Do you see a problem with that? I do.

OK, the $450,000 in lost pay for a two-game hiatus is a hit of another kind, but any suspension is going to carry that sort of kicker.

So the message Commissioner Goodell sent is still exasperating.

What the NFL is basically saying here is drugs are bad PR, but abuse of women is a nuisance to the league.

How many incidents have we had recently of players jumping their wives or girlfriend's? Too many to name, probably, and the worst punishment a player can get is a two-game suspension?

Come on, Commish! It's time for the NFL to cut the crap and take domestic violence seriously.

The NFL can take a stance on everything else, why aren't they taking a stance on this? Pink stuff sells; worthy cause. But how about black and blue, too? Not pretty enough?

If you hit a woman the first time, you should miss at least half of the season without pay. If you do again, you should be gone forthe whole season. The third time, you should out of the league and in a jail cell somewhere.

Simple as that. There should be a zero tolerance policy by the NFL and other leagues when it come to domestic violence and other criminal activities.

Let's hope it doesn't take a player murdering his wife or girlfriend -- à la OJ Simpson; if he did it (yeah, right) -- before the league is forced to make changes it should have the common sense to make right now.