Mexico City Mess: Lasers on the Loose

Published on 23-Nov-2016 by CJ

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Mexico City Mess: Lasers on the Loose

Monday saw the NFL take its game south of the border, down Mexico way.

Unlike the London experiment, this game has found success.

Don’t believe me?

2005, the last time an NFL game was played in Mexico, saw 103,467 in attendance.

That's the second-largest attendance, after the 2009 Giants-Cowboys game in the JerryDome.

The Mexico City faithful saw a battle of first-place teams in the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans.

The game was close, with the Raiders capturing the 27-20 victory.

However, no NFL game can end without some degree of controversy.

Incident No 1 was the horrendous call disallowing a DeAndre Hopkins touchdown. Video clearly shows Hopkins' foot never touches the boundary line, but bad refs gonna be bad refs.

Itwasn't the only issue to take place in this stadium 7,382 feet above sea level.

Texans QB Brock Osweiler was harassed all night, not only by the Raiders D, but by a bright green aser light.

Somebody in the stands was trying to mess him up by shining the light in his face when he went back to pass.

Osweiler refused to take the low road and blame the laser for the loss, but he did say that the light affects how one plays the game. I, for one, commend him for putting the point out there.

It takes a lot to know that you stink so bad, a silly laser can’t make you much worse.

This is by no means the first instance of a laser light being used to hurt the play on the field.

While I don’t condone it, I approve of anything that ruins the play of Jameis Winston.

But in all seriousness, no more of this, please.

NFL officials can barely handle getting the game right without some idiot in the stands ruining it for everybody.

Unless, of course, the lasers came from sharks. That’s pretty cool.