McCarron Drops in Draft; Blames Saban for Making Him Play Hurt

Published on 12-May-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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McCarron Drops in Draft; Blames Saban for Making Him Play Hurt

I admit it, I'm a football geek, so I spent the majority of my weekend watching the NFL Draft.

Like most of you, I wanted to see who my favorite team drafted. Secondly, I wanted to see where my alma mater's players landed.

So, it came as a huge shock to me when Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron -- I'm a Bama alum for those who didn't know -- didn't go in the early rounds.

Oh, I knew he probably wouldn't be a first-rounder as he predicted he'd be, but when he ended up going in the middle of the fifth to the Cincinnati Bengals, I was stunned.

In a way, he even wound up paying for his own pre-draft hype:

Not about Webb

I was further shocked by the reasons McCarron wasn't picked up earlier. It wasn't because of a lack of talent or leadership abilities; it was basically because he came off as a jerk and rubbed NFL personnel who interviewed him the wrong way. 

McCarron has always had a chip on his shoulder, which apparently turned into a boulder that turned a lot of teams off. And he didn't help his crybaby image when he complained on Twitter about how he played hurt while he was at Alabama.

A lot of people don't realize I wasn't healthy at Alabama. I sacrificed a lot to play for coach [Nick] Saban and that university. I played through a lot of injuries, and we never leaked it because that's just the way it is.

He later took the tweets down and tried to explain himself, but the damage was done. Reports are also out there that a lot of his teammates didn't like him, either. 

When McCarron arrived in Tuscaloosa, he was Nick Saban's problem child.  He was cocky and arrogant, but Saban molded him into a national championship quarterback and a leader; neither traits of which he had before.

Even through his whining, Tide fans supported him. But now, let's just see how much support Tide fans will continue to give McCarron after his little hissy fit on Twitter Sunday night.