Leinart: Warner, Not Whisenhunt, Responsible for Cardinals' Offense

Published on 15-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Leinart: Warner, Not Whisenhunt, Responsible for Cardinals' Offense

Former USC quarterback Matt Leinart might have just won hater of the year with the comments he made about new Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt, who was formally the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

According to Leinart, it was former starting quarterback Kurt Warner who deserves all the credit for the Cardinals success' on offense, not Whisenhunt.

"I don't think it's a great fit, and I don't think it's great timing, and here's why," Matt Leinart told Fox Sports Live this week. "You look at his tenure in Arizona -- only two years, he had success, and in those two years, Kurt Warner ran that football team -- I was a part of it.

Leinart was back-up to Kurt Warner while he was in Arizona. 

"Every single Monday, Kurt Warner would come in and implement 20 to 30 new plays, which he would say, 'I want these in my game plan.' We became a spread offense and we became Kurt Warner's offense. Then Kurt Warner retires, they go 5-11 twice and they go 8-8."

He makes a solid point, actually. But maybe his remarks highlight what kind of player he was, too. After all, he obviously didn't learn from Warner, either, while he backed him up. When it was Leinart's turn, he fell flat on his face. 

Maybe he's upset because he felt Whisenhunt didn't help him develop into a better quarterback like Warner or Ben Roethisberger of the Steelers during Whisenhunt's time in Pittsburgh.

Whatever the reason, Leinart has only himself to blame for his failures in the NFL.

And my guess is he won't be getting a tryout call anytime soon from the Tennessee Titans.