Kaepernick: Recent Incident Changed Me

Published on 3-May-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Kaepernick: Recent Incident Changed Me

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick seems to have had a revelation.

After his recent run-in with the law in Miami over an incident with a woman, he said it changed his perspective on life and taught him a lesson.

“It’s been put out that I did something wrong,” Kaepernick said, via the Modesto Bee.

“Even though it’s a bad circumstance, a bad situation, I feel like ultimately I’ve been blessed because it’s changed my way of thinking. It’s made me stronger. It’s made me look at things differently.”

Well, this incident should have done is scared him to death, especially with a troubling spate of athletes in the news recently for domestic abuse and rape allegations.

Kaepernick is lucky the matter to this point hasn't gotten worse or grown into a major problem.

Reports were that the Niners quarterback may have hooked up with a woman who later claimed she was sexually assaulted, but to date there hasn't been any evidence to prove that anything criminal occurred. 

In fact, accounts emerged later that Kaepernick may have taken the woman to the hospital to receive treatment. This may be the reason he's off the hook.

But he needs to realize that as a celebrity, he may become a target. That means being careful with whom he hangs and calls a friend.

Perhaps this close call is exactly what Kapernick needed to make him realize, no one is invincible.

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