Jerry Jones's Ego-Trip Jonesing Continues to Doom Dallas

Published on 21-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Jerry Jones's Ego-Trip Jonesing Continues to Doom Dallas

You wonder why the Dallas Cowboys continue to struggle?

The answer isn't going to shock you.

It's not the coaches or the players, according to one NFL general manager. It's down to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

An NFL GM who decided to remain anonymous -- as they all have a tendency to do when a story like this breaks -- says Jerry Jones is a "horrific" GM who "undermines his head coaches with his antics."

The mystery GM -- and let's face it, he could be any one of the other 31 in the league -- continued:

"What makes him bad is everything he does is based on perception, star power, making a splash. Fourth or fifth on the list is soundness. Everything revolves around him."

That would explain the facelift, too. Most bass drums don't have skins that have been stretched that tight.

Here's another non-shocker. The mystery GM isn't the only dude who's open with his opinion. At least, as open as anonymous sources can be.

Will Allen, who used to play defense for the Cowboys, basically said the same thing.

“The players are great,” Allen reminisced about his time in Dallas. “The players are tremendous. The coaches are some of the best in the business. You just need a cohesion there that allows players and coaches to really execute and do their jobs, and it’s not something hanging over their heads, that if they mess up you’re going to get cut or you’re not going to play or not going to do this. That’s not fun for anybody. That’s not fun for anybody."

Hmmm, who does that sound like to you?

This tweet is a year old, but its sentiment's apparently not gone out of style:

Jerry Jones locked out of locker room

Jones has been wanting to prove for years that he was the genius who built those Cowboy teams in the 90's instead of Jimmy Johnson. To this point, he's failed. Miserably.

So, Jones paid quarterback Tony Romo enough cash to buy his own small country and basically yolf him to make it happen. Romo is having a career year, but the Boys have no running game and no defense. Romo can't do it by himself. He's proven that enough times already.

Another example of Jones's meddling is the firing of former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who has turned the New Orleans Saints defense into one of the best in the league.

As a replacement, Jones hired 70-something year old Monte Kiffin, who was fired as DC at USC by his son, of all people and look how that turned out. Yes, Kiffin created the Tampa 2 coverage scheme, and yes, Bruce's Boys won a Super Bowl with it. But the league has long since caught up. Long since.

Still, Jerry Jones -- being Jerry Jones -- refuses to step down as GM, admit his mistakes, and let someone with more experience with picking players come in and take over. His ego won't allow it.

And as long as his ego is as big as the state of Texas, the Dallas Cowboys will continue to fail.

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