Jets Spare Bowles; Clean House

Published on 3-Jan-2017 by CJ

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Jets Spare Bowles; Clean House

The Monday after Week 17 is an infamous day in the NFL.

No, it’s not due to a lack of Monday Night Football.

It's the day where disgruntled NFL owners dump unsuccessful coaches and general managers.

Fans around the league have come to dub the day as Black Monday.

This year's edition has proved to be rather lackluster. All six of the current coaching vacancies arose due to firing -- and one resignation, in the case of Gary Kubiak -- prior to Black Monday.

As is the case with the other 364 days in the Tri-State area, the Jets grabbed this season's national Black Monday headlines. Just not in the way that many speculated they might.

Despite a 5-11 campaign -- the first in team history -- the Jets opted not to part ways with Coach Todd Bowles.

Instead of canning their head coach, the Jets said buh-bye to five positional coaches, including their running back coach, quarterback coach, defensive line coach, linebacker coach, and defensive backs coach.

In addition to the Jets, coaching massacre, offensive coordinator Chan Gailey informed the team that he was “retiring.”

Gotta wonder how voluntary Gailey’s retirement is, considering how badly his offensive schemes were criticized.

Bowles should count his blessings. He can blame injuries, but the Jets came out flat this year.

After being a win away from the post-season, there's little doubt the Jets aren’t one the league’s most disappointing teams this time.

But Bowles shouldn’t rest easy after today.

The NFL's a cruel mistress.

Just ask Chip Kelly.