Jay Gruden Doesn’t Appreciate You Calling Him Fat

Published on 29-Aug-2015 by CJ

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Jay Gruden Doesn’t Appreciate You Calling Him Fat

It's fairly common for certain NFL players to be on the heavier side.

And for good reason.

If guys like BJ Raji or Vince Wilfork weren’t absolutely massive, they wouldn’t be able to do their job of plugging the hole. Worse yet, a league populated solely by skinny dudes would deny football fans of the hilarity that is the fat guy touchdown.

The league’s heaviness genes are not just limited to players. Even a contingent of coaches sports a spare tire, and possibly a monster truck tire if we're talking about Rob Ryan.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden is in that group who's a little thick in the waist band. However, disdaining the obvious, he does not appreciate those in the Redskins media pointing out his Michelan Man physique:

In a team press conference, Gruden was asked about practicing his message to the team of tuning out media critics. The coach admitted he has trouble doing so, especially in regards to being called a fat ass.

Gruden appeared to be a good sport about the whole thing, but he'd like to remind everyone to keep their criticism above the waist, ie- on the field.

And to be fair, the dude who called him fat -- CBS Radio’s Scott Ferrall -- started his Gruden hate rant by criticizing the coach for his dumb decision to leave Robert Griffin III in the Lions game. Ferrall’s diatribe took a turn near the end to straight-up Jay-hate, making fun the coach for being 'a fat idiot, who is an all-around loser.'

Tacky. Not about the bad coach thing; that’s probably true. But Gruden is a man more in the dad-bod range of pudge, and in a world where Rob Ryan and Andy Reid exist, nobody of that ilk deserves to be called fat.