Jaguars RB Can Finally Rest Easy

Published on 25-Jun-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Jaguars RB Can Finally Rest Easy
At least one NFL player can rest a little easier today.
Maurice Jones-Drew will not be charged in the 'alleged' bar fight that occurred over the Memorial Day weekend.
Jones-Drew was accused of punching a bouncer. However, based on the information given to the Floridia State Attorney's Office, there isn't sufficient evidence to file a charge.
Maybe playing for the Jaguars is punshiment enough.
The accuser, Kasim Howard, said through his attorney that he had video evidence, but apparently, it wasn’t as visible as he thought. So while there is another athlete a few states north of Florida about to be accused of some serious stuff, Jones-Drew’s name can be wiped from the list of miscreant jocks.
Jones-Drew was the NFL’s leading rusher in 2011 but is yet to be ranked in nightclub parking lot disputes.