Incognito Checks Himself into Anger Rehab

Published on 28-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Incognito Checks Himself into Anger Rehab

According to the entertainment website TMZ, disgraced Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito decided it was time to take his trials and tribulations to professional help.

He checked himself into a rehab clinic for his anger issues Thursday.

Incognito had apparently Twittered himself to burnout and was ready to look to material goods for solace.

Ingcognito wants to cry in his Ferrari

So it seemed like he had even more reason for ire when neighbors discovered his pride and joy on four wheels had been battered by vandals. Needless to say, TMZ was there:

Incognito's trashed Ferrari

Then police discovered Incognito did all the bashing himself. And people don't think this guy has anger issues?

How do you justify smashing a $300,000 car? Then again, if you've been paying attention to this story, you could see it coming.

Incognito had been on Twitter talking crazy for weeks. Among other things, he tried to call out Jonathan Martin and say the truth will come out.

And when it did, that's when Incognito totally went off the rails, which included deleting his Twitter account. He later returned to cyberspace and apologized to Martin, calling him his "brother," which no one bought.

The dude is mentally tilted, and if the Miami Dolphins weren't so busy trying to cover their behinds, maybe they could have helped him or made him seek help earlier.

At least now, this latest incident may have given Incognito the wake-up that he needed to possibly get his life back on track.