In Which Game Will Jim Harbaugh Explode?

Published on 24-Feb-2013 by Coach

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In Which Game Will Jim Harbaugh Explode?

It seems everyone can agree that Jim Harbaugh is one intense dude.

If a Greatest Hits list of his -- shall we say? -- extreme moments were compiled, these displays would be front and center:

  • His unsuccessful challenge in the NFC championship game almost beat the camera
  • His non-handshaking drive-by of Jim Schwartz in a late victory at Detroit confirmed he could build a mountain out of the smallest molehill.
  • And then there's the classic "What's Your Deal?" comment when Harbaugh was at Stanford; USC coach Pete Carroll was not too happy when Stanford went for two late in the game with the outcome already decided.

Harbaugh definitely isn't going to change, so here's an intriguing pool to start:

In the 16 games the 49ers will play this year, which will be the first game to set him off?

My personal opinion centers around either of his games against the St Louis Rams or the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams are division rivals and will play Harbaugh twice. Thus, more opportunities.

Harbaugh went winless (one was a tie) against the Rams under new head coach Jeff Fisher, which was probably the highlight of his first season back after his departure from the Titans in 2010. Fisher, a crafty veteran of NFL strategies, has obviously built his team to defeat San Francisco. Regardless of the outcome, Harbaugh has the potential to go nuclear. He'll either be ecstatic by avenging two lackluster performances last year to an inferior foe, or he'll have another conniption from a loss or tie to an inferior team for a third consecutive meeting.

Then there are the possibilities against Seattle. Bitterness and tomfoolery already exist between these two teams, enhanced by the personal rivalry between Harbaugh and Carroll (see incident Number Three above). This will no doubt be a good game where tempers will be near the ignition point both on and off the field. This means an incident by Harbaugh is virtually guaranteed.

Watch these games. Lay out a grid. Pool categories could be the quarter-of-incident and body parts used or equipment abused. Then sit back and wait. You know it's going to happen, so you may as well make a prop out of it.

Just make sure your participants remain under control.