Hernandez Connected to Several More Shootings

Published on 20-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Hernandez Connected to Several More Shootings

As more reports come in about the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation, one thing is apparently coming clear.

It appears that Hernandez has a clear pattern of being  involved in criminal activity.

Even before this story came out, a man was suing Hernandez, claiming that he was shot in the face by the tight end, which caused him to lose an eye.

Reports out of Florida also surfaced today that while in school at the University of Florida, Hernandez may have been involved in another shooting in 2007 after the Gators lost a game to the Auburn Tigers.

He was also arrested as a freshman at Florida for an altercation he had with someone at a local Gainesville bar near the UF campus.

In all these incidents, Hernandez has yet to be arrested; that is, up until now. It appears at some point, he will be arrested and may be charged with murder.

And from the looks of it, Hernandez should have been nicked 'way before this latest incident occurred. 

Hernandez is a menace on field. Now, it's sounding like he's even more of a menace to society.