Harrison's Auto Shop Open for Body Work

Published on 15-May-2013 by Davis McGregor

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Harrison's Auto Shop Open for Body Work

James Harrison is blowing money fast but not as frivolously as rapper Rick Ross.

He’s using his on body work, but this is more than just a face lift. According to Harrison in a press conference for the Bengals, he spends between $400,000 and $600,000 on “body work” each year. Quite a bit of dough for the 35-year-old linebacker.

A breakdown of Harrison’s bills showed all this money is going to a bit more than people would expect. His own personal hyperbaric chamber takes a good chunk out of that, too. Not to mention the six different massage therapists he keeps on his retainer, a select few he chose from a pool of 150 specialists. Sounds like a Brett Farve dream come true.

But to each his own, and if the veteran linebacker says that four hours of massage a day is putting him back in his Defensive Player of the Year status, then why not? Who knows maybe we will see the hyperbaric chamber stocks soar after Harrison’s secret was revealed to the rest of the league.

At 35 years of age it's no surprise that Harrison's doing anything he can to stay in shape. He does have a contract taking him up to the rip old age of 38. If Number 92 is still running around laying out quarterbacks at that point, then maybe the $600,000 a year isn't as excessive as literally everyone thinks. 

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