Free Agent Antics: Alive and Well

Published on 14-Mar-2014 by Coach

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Free Agent Antics: Alive and Well

It can only be described as Classic Raiders.

Oakland will have to reconsider its off-season plans in free agencey and the 2014 NFL Draft after Roger Saffold, who signed for a 5-year, $42.5million contract was nullified due to a failed physical.

The reason this is such a big deal is because the Raiders let left tackle Jared Veldheer go, after which he soon signed with the Arizona Cardinals. What makes this even a more of a duh moment is that Saffold was often injured and only played in 47 games since 2010.


Just classic Raiders.

This no doubt will make Oakland a team most likely to move up in the draft to grab top offensive tackle prospect Greg Robinson. If not, the Raiders will probably cool their jets and take another tackle prospect, Jake Matthews. Both are great prospects with high upside. However, securing the services of a left tackle to possibly go after other needs on a depleted roster in the 2014 NFL Draft.   

The Raiders have plenty of cap space to add a couple of quality free agents, like LaMarr Woodlely and Justin Tuck, but if they'd done their homework and found a sturdy replacement for Veldheer, they could have locked up a key position to protect their next franchise quarterback, whom they could have taken in this year's draft.

Unless they pull a rabbit out of their hat -- preferably a healthy one -- it's back to the drawing board once again.