Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum Regrets Tim Tebow Trade

Published on 18-Jan-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum Regrets Tim Tebow Trade

Mike Tannenbaum experienced many highs and lows as general manager of the New York Jets from 2006-2012.

There were some very savvy decisions and some not so good ones. The dubious Tim Tebow trade would unequivocally fall in the latter category.

You wouldn't think it would be necessary to articulate the complete failure of this particular deal. However, Tannenbaum was reflecting on his tenure with the Jets in a recent radio interview and felt compelled to point out there were many personnel gaffes made during his stint. But he specifically mentioned the Tebow trade.

Again, it's not like anyone is on the fence regarding this deal. The jury is not still out on the merits of this trade. It was an unmitigated disaster. But we certainly appreciate the helpful reminder from Tannenbaum.

If you recall, back in 2012, the Jets decided to offer their fourth- and sixth-round picks to acquire the services of solid citizen and aspiring professional quarterback Tim Tebow, along with a seventh-round pick, from Denver. The Broncos were more than happy to oblige.

Denver had enjoyed an improbable run of success in 2011 with Tebow under center that culminated in an overtime playoff victory against the Steelers. However, Broncos executive John Elway was clearly not a fan, and after signing Peyton Manning in the offseason, Tebow was highly expendable.

Of course, the Broncos had famously traded their second-, third- and fourth-round picks to the Ravens for their first-round pick, which was then used to select Tebow. In hindsight, this move was one of the more egregiously poor personnel decisions ever conceived by an NFL front office, but at the time, there were some who actually thought this was a good idea.

It was assumed that the Jets had some sort of plan in place for the use of Tebow after trading for him, but this was apparently not the case. He was ultimately used sparingly, both on offense and special teams, as the Jets decided to roll with the dynamic duo of Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy at quarterback.

In the end, Tebow appeared in ten games, passing for a robust 39 yards and running for another 102. He did not score a touchdown and was eventually released in the offseason. There was obviously a significant difference of opinion in the Jets organization on exactly how to use Tebow, and even Tannenbaum still appears to be confused.

Tannenbaum did have some nice things to say about Tebow, and suggested he should get another opportunity to play quarterback in the NFL.

Thanks again to Captain Obvious for pointing out the failure of the Tim Tebow trade.

Maybe next time he can explain why football is such a violent sport.