Experts Agree: Manziel Will Be Drafted at Some Point

Published on 21-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Experts Agree: Manziel Will Be Drafted at Some Point

So now an anonymous NFL expert is weighing in with the breathless news that Johnny Manziel will not be the first quarterback taken in this year's NFL Draft.

This is getting to be like football's version of the old running Saturday Night Live sketch about former Spanish dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco still being dead.

If memory serves correctly, according to reports, Franco put up a valiant fight in his effort to remain dead.

So these days, with Franco still dead, every so-called expert and his next of kin must be checking to see what's trending online, noticing that Johnny Football is still up there, and concocting a proclamation that will guarantee site hits and a moment of notoriety. But why do it anonymously? To cover a bet? That's a tried-and-true technique on Wall Street.

Or maybe the dude's in a draft pool and backing another contender for the first quarterback selected.

Could that contender be Blake Bortles of Central Florida? According Mr Anonymous, that's the one. Oh, and Teddy Bridgewater will fall in the draft.

"[Bortles will go] to somebody in the first five or six picks. But based on a lot of things that could play out, you might see Bridgewater fall into the late part of the first round," the source said.

"A lot of things that could play out ..."

Is that code for I'm just throwing darts in the dark?

There are already enough NFL Draft experts saying that Bortles is probably the best overall quarterback in this year's draft, no matter how good Johnny Manziel has looked.

Who knows? There may be teams who want Manziel, but are afraid to make him their first overall pick. However, he won't be losing any sleep; projections by other experts are he'll probably be the second overall quarterback picked.

How's that for putting a fist on the table for emphasis!

Meanwhile, poor Teddy Bridgewater now wears the rumor-yoke of being a fallen quarterback who can't get up. The former Louisville Cardinal, at one point, was thought to be the top chucker coming into this draft, but not now.

His alleged poor performance in workouts has apparently hurt his stock tremendously, and he's dropping like a rock. But no one makes highlight videos like that, so let's sit back and remember Teddy's good times:

Bridgewater looked like a No 1 draft choice in this video. He just needs to find an NFL Draft expert who needs a new headline.

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