Dwayne Bowe Taking 'Mile High' to Another Level

Published on 12-Nov-2013 by Towner Park

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Dwayne Bowe Taking 'Mile High' to Another Level

Heading into a critical matchup against the Denver Broncos, Dwayne Bowe, according to preliminary reports, was arrested for pot possession early Sunday.

After carelessly ignoring a posted speed limit, Bowe was pulled over by one of Missouri's finest. The officer, after detecting a strong odor of marijuana, had probable cause to search the vehicle and subsequently discovered 10 grams of Mary Jane. Subsequently, Bowe and a fellow passenger were charged for not being in Colorado or Washington. At least they were released on bail.

Weed worship in the NFL isn't uncommon, so this story isn't surprising at all, but what is a stunner is how irresponsible Bowe's timing is, partaking in such activities at such a critical juncture in the season. Not only are the Chiefs 9-0 and jockeying for the No 1 seed in the AFC playoffs, Bowe is also underachieving so far this year and could be perceived as a potential liability for the Kansas City organization.

Not one NFL team gets very thrilled about this type of publicity from a standout player. Bowe, who recently signed a lengthy contract with the Chiefs in 2013, shouldn't be risking any type of potential suspension, from either by Kansas City or the NFL. He's an outstanding receiever who, unfortunately for him, is being under-utilized this season. Still, despite his subpar numbers thus far, he gives the Chiefs a threat on the outside that they don't otherwise have.

In order for Kansas City to compete against the likes of the Broncos and Patriots, it needs that outside threat to complement its prolific running game. This simply isn't the time for such carelessness, and Bowe was completely remiss during his joyride late Saturday night.

As Cris Carter would say, "C'mon Man!"

On the way to Denver, there are definitely better Mile High Clubs to be involved in.