Don’t Mess with Marshawn’s Mama

Published on 20-Sep-2015 by CJ

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Don’t Mess with Marshawn’s Mama

We all know how much of a beast Marshawn Lynch is on the field.

The real question is where did Beast Mode get his hardened personality from?

Could he have gotten it from his dad? What about an older brother? Maybe it was high school football coach that made him the strong man that he is.

The dude once trucked an entire team on a 67-yard touchdown run.

Turns out that Marshawn’s swagger comes from his mama, Delisa.

How do we know this?

Well, after the Seahawks 34-31 defeat last Sunday against the St Louis Rams, Lynch’s mom took to Facebook to defend her son, who failed to gain a first down on the last play in overtime.

Mama Marshawn called out Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell as being a brutal play caller, saying that he should have been fired after the Seahawks Super Bowl loss against the Pats.

In case you've been living under a rock for the past eight months, you know that Bevell made arguably the worst play call in Super Bowl history. Instead of doing the thing that everybody else and their mother would have done and given the ball to Lynch, Bevell decided to pass the ball over the middle. And we all know how that turned out:

Ms Lynch added that the only reason that Bevell decided to give the ball against the Rams was to justify his play call in the Super Bowl.

Bevell brushed off the comments, saying that it was just a mom looking after her son and that Mr Beast and he are good.

Mama then took to Twitter to fix her position, saying that she's a passionate fan who loves talking football. However, she made sure to end her comments with one final dig at Bevell, questioning dude’s logic in going shotgun when he plans on running the ball.

Is this whole situation just an upset mother who wants to defend her son? Probably. Still, Mama Lynch could be right in her criticism. even if it isn't in her job description.

Either way, now we know the source of Lynch's fire. And speaking from a perspective as one who enjoys watching someone handle players on the field and reporters off the field, I thank you, Ms Lynch.