Did the NFL Push for the Sherman - Hall Twitter Tiff?

Published on 14-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Did the NFL Push for the Sherman - Hall Twitter Tiff?

By now, everyone's heard or seen the beef between NFL cornerbacks DeAngelo Hall of the Washington Redskins and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks.

Hall and Sherman went back and forth for awhile on Twitter until Hall basically said that Sherman was overrated, which ended it all.

Sherman-Hall twitters 1

Sherman-Hall twitters 2

Sherman-Hall twitters 3

Sherman-Hall twitters 4

Sherman-Hall twitters 5

The twist here wasn't just the beef itself, but the fact that the NFL was promoting it, at least Hall's side.

Was this just an act?

Could be. The NFL has had to deal with a stream of bad publicity lately, and now that the draft isn't until May, what better way to keep the league in the news than to have two of the best cornerbacks in the league go at each other?

Whether it was fake or not, the little tiff did add some excitement to an otherwise slow week in football.

Maybe, if we're lucky, Sherman and Hall can appear on WWE Raw on Monday and really battle it out.