Dez Bryant Mantra: Just Pay Me

Published on 17-Jun-2015 by Towner Park

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Dez Bryant Mantra: Just Pay Me

A sixth season for Dez Bryant is forthcoming.

To date, dude's notched five seasons played and 56 receiving touchdowns.

Needless to say, Bryant's a phenomenal wide receiver, but does he deserve a long-term deal from the Dallas Cowboys?

I certainly think so. Heading into this offseason, the 'Boys had salary cap issues. With two prolific seasons from Bryant and DeMarco Murray, Dallas well knew they'd have to fork over a massive amount of dosh to keep both.

As we know, Murray walked out the door to Philly, which left the Cowboys with an easy decision, re-sign Bryant.

Dallas decided to franchise Bryant to the tune of $12.8million for the upcoming NFL season.

Bryant's demands?

A long-term deal worth at least $100million, with a fair dollop of that dosh guaranteed.

Tom Cordon, Bryant's agent and perpetual gnat to most NFL teams, told that:

Our goal is still to get something done on a long-term basis by the deadline.

As if the world needs another Captain Obvious.

In my opinion, the Cowboys- best receiver -- and Tony Romo's go-to guy -- deserves to be paid a lucrative contact. Given what Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgareld have done, statistically, and with the huge amounts of dollars being deposited into their bank accounts because of it, the market value is sky high for Bryant. I feel he'll cash in.

But will he sit out the first game if the Cowboys decide to play hardball with the negotiations? That's a $752,941.17 self-parking, ie- lotsa smackeroonies that would have to harden his position if he's going to recoup the loss.

Paying premium cash isn't unheard of within this organization. Emmitt Smith did the same thing until his big payday came calling. After opening the 1993 season with two losses, Smith propelled the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl that year and helped earn them their fourth Super Bowl win in franchise history.

The Cowboys could only hope history repeats itself if Bryant decides to sit.

Dude's one of the best receivers in the NFL right now, albeit one with inflated statistics thanks to what's now a pass-heaving league. Given the overwhelming need for solid receivers -- especially those with the knack for being clutch -- the 'Boys clearly realize just how important Bryant is to their organization.

And Bryant knows just how important the Cowboys are to him. He's refashioned himself as a solid person, on and off the field, and hasn't inspired any notable negative headlines.

So, pay da man, Dallas!

Bbecause if you don't, someone else will, and that'll leave you without two All-Pros to start the 2015 season.

And if that happens, Mr Jerry Jones, you'd better move out of Dallas, because a statewide withhunt will begin.