Davis Calls out Goodell on Players' Healthcare

Published on 31-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Davis Calls out Goodell on Players' Healthcare

Who said meetings are boring?

Today, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave his State of the NFL speech. Everything was going smoothly until San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Vernon Davis asked a pointed question about players' healthcare.

Davis wanted to know why former NFL athletes don't receive healthcare for life from the league.

As you can tell, Goodell seemed flustered by question and didn't give a really good answer.

Lately, the NFL has been under fire for not taking better care of its former players, especially those who still suffer from injuries relating to their playing days.

Most NFL players don't like Goodell at all, and I'm almost certain his answers -- or lack thereof -- isn't going to do anything to endear himself to them.

After all, it seems a federal judge are looking after their best interests on the matter, even more than their own leaders:

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