Dance Party USA: The Antonio Brown Edition

Published on 7-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Dance Party USA: The Antonio Brown Edition

Antonio Brown has decided to bring back the sexy, a development that is making the league office very uncomfortable.

Roger Goodell and his merry band of striped prudes have flagged Brown twice already this season for excessive celebration after a score.

However, these routines are not only considered excessive but provocative, as well.

During the season opener in DC against the Redskins, Brown made a spectacular over-the-shoulder touchdown catch. He was clearly stimulated by the grab, and proceeded to gyrate in what the NFL deemed a ‘sexually suggestive’ manner.

Have a look at this scandalous demonstration of joy:

This free-form NFL erotica continued last week in Pittsburgh against the Jets. Brown hauled in a deep ball for another score and unleashed a quick succession of crotch pumps:

Of course, this was very likely a touching homage to Key & Peele.

Again though, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was forthcoming, because any display of creativity or individuality will simply not be tolerated.

The man just wants to dance.