Cowboys May Cut Ware

Published on 25-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Cowboys May Cut Ware

In a move that may shock many, the Dallas Cowboys are considering cutting star defensive end Demarcus Ware to save money on the salary cap.

Ware has been a star with the Cowboys for years, but recently he has been injured, and apparently too often.

And last December, he just may have quoted himself out of a job. His team owner has a long memory, and it looks like those brain synapses kicked into gear this week.

Looking up from under his green accountant's visor, that one-man front office known as Jerry Jones didn't reflect on Ware's comments, but they were most likely on his mind as he remarked:

“There’s no question when you are where we are on the cap, even though we’ve had some new cap space added, and you have a defensive player that’s your highest paid defensive player, and he hasn’t been on the field much the last two years, that has to be considered.”

At first I thought Jones was crazy for doing this, but it makes sense in the big picture, and Ware clearly put himself on Front Street. His on-field impact hasn't been felt that much over the past few years, and might be time for a change.

Sports can be cold that way. And just like Monty Python's infamous Piranha Brothers, Jones is right at home being a cruel man but a fair man.

So maybe Ware is a great player, a good guy, and one of the few leaders on this team, but there's a harsh lesson to be learned here. To quote the late Detroit Lions legend, Alex Karras, making his big screen debut as Mongo in Blazing Saddles:

The Cowboys' recent draft picks have been questionable at best, so if Jones is going to take a risk like this, he'd damn well better be sure he has a good back-up plan.