Colts Punter Takes Nude Pic of QB Luck

Published on 10-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Colts Punter Takes Nude Pic of QB Luck

Ah, yes, Americans and their sensitivities.

Here's an item that just wouldn't raise eyebrows virtually anywhere else in the Western world, but since most of our gridiron football readers are American, you may as well hear it from us if you're going to hear it.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck accidently photo bombed his teammate's snapshot. Luck was getting dressed after the playoff win over Kansas City when punter Pat McAFee took a picture of the Colts locker room after their come from behind -- no pun intended -- victory.

As you can see, a media dude inadvertently came to the rescue:

Luck looker room photobomb

McAfee had no idea this was part of the scene when he tweeted out that pic.

“It was a very stupid mistake I made,” McAfee said. “The good thing is Andrew doesn’t hate me.”

McAfee explained that he called Luck and explained what happened. Luck was cool with it, but the Colts and the NFL weren't. McAfee got fined.

“I didn’t realize it until I was halfway home and my girlfriend got a text message,” said McAfee. “I immediately started to sweat. I was disgusted. I was worried that Andrew was going to hate me because he’s such a good person.

“Yeah, I got fined. More than a dollar, less than $3million, which is good news.

“But it was completely expected and completely warranted.”

McAfee is fortunate that Luck is a good guy and took it all in stride. But the Colts have a history of kickers saying or doing stupid stuff.

Mike Vanderjagt, who was the kicker for the Colts when Peyton Manning was still quarterback, chastised Manning for being emotionless.

Needless to say, Manning wasn't too thrilled about those comments and called Vanderjagt "our liquored up kicker."

After Vanderjagt missed a kick in a playoff loss, he was replaced by Adam Vinatieri. 

McAfee had better hope he won't be the next to be replaced. If he does, maybe he'll get a job as a photographer for Playgirl.

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