Chip Kelly Reinvents Defensive Football

Published on 9-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Chip Kelly Reinvents Defensive Football

Many fans probably know Chip Kelly as an offensive innovator and QB whisperer through several coaching stops in college and the NFL.

However, it turns out the current San Francisco 49ers head coach is something of a defensive guru as well.

In a remarkable innovation that will no doubt revolutionize the game of football for decades to come, Kelly has started instructing his defensive players to hold and tackle the opposing offense.

The Niners recently hosted the New Orleans Saints and were predictably helpless against Drew Brees.

So Kelly reached into his bag of tears and pulled this out.

Behold, non-believers:

Multiple fouls, indeed.

Yes, Kelly instructed his helpless defense to hold the Saints receivers on the play. Because there were only four seconds left after the play, the Saints were forced to settle for the field goal.

Actually, it was quite brilliant, although not particularly good for defensive morale.

Kelly seemingly figured out a way to mitigate the reality of having really bad players on defense, at least for one play.

The NFL is a notorious copycat league, so this exciting style of defensive desperation could be coming to a city near you real soon.