CEO Peyton?

Published on 1-Dec-2015 by CJ

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CEO Peyton?

There's no denying how great Peyton Manning was in his prime.

The elder Manning bro has broken a plethora of records over the course of his 18 years in the NFL.

Along the way, he made Omaha trendy and just possibly threw more pitches than paydirt passes.

Most notably, dude became a virtual throwback to quarterbacks calling their own plays -- in a one-from-Column-A-one-from-Column-B sort of way -- as he had a license to thrill in his later seasons.

However, this season, the Denver Broncos have been getting that Peyton, the dude who fits right in with a barbershop quartet.

That's a tough situtation to report, especially on a site whose musical direction is inspired by the Ramones.

The combination of declining arm strength and a slew of injuries have severely hampered Manning's season.

The latest foot injury, as well as his four-interception game, may be the final blow to a once-great NFL career.

Well, that and the emergence of Brock Osweiler as a Patriot killer.

If Peyton’s time on the field is truly over, he can then begin to shift his focus towards his life after football.

Then again, who's to say that his post-playing days can’t be football-related?

Unless he decides to do all his tossing at Papa John’s.

Reports recently surfaced that the Titans and Browns would be interested in bringing Manning to camp next season. No, not as their starting quarterback, but in a front office position.

Peyton doesn’t have much in terms of physical talent these days, but his strong football knowledge could help rebuild these moribund organizations. It also doesn’t hurt that Manning and Browns owner Jimmy Haslam are good Tennessee buddies.

The move also makes sense in light of the fact that John Elway, Peyton’s NFL role model, pulled off a field-to-office move when his career came to an end.

It's still tangible as to when he'll finally call it a career.

But the football world can only hope that his falsetto days are already over.