Brady Hands-off MVP Truck to White

Published on 6-Feb-2017 by CJ

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Brady Hands-off MVP Truck to White

Winning the Super Bowl is the highest honor in the NFL.

Champions assume their place in the history books as team numero uno for the season in question.

Plus, for the 2016-17 Patriots, there's the factor of gaining their revenge.

In that respect, you could've cut the awkwardness in the trophy presentation's air with a knife.

A dull one, at that.

Super Bowl LI was far from a stellar event, for the first three quarters, at least. The Falcons were utterly dominating New England on both sides of the ball. With a 28-10 score going into the final quarter, it seemed like the ATL was going to bring home their first ever Lombardi trophy.

However, much the chagrin of the majority of football fans, Bill Belichick’s boys refused to give up.

The Pats went on to score 19 unanswered points to tie the game at 28, sending the Super Bowl to overtime for the first time in NFL history.

With momentum and narrative on their side, New England meticulously moved the ball down the field to score the championship clinching TD.

Touchdown Tom Brady again asserted himself as the hero of Foxboro football, throwing for 466 yards and two touchdowns. For his role as field general of what was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, Brady was bestowed MVP honors for the fourth time.

While Tommy Boy deserves his due, there was an understandable sentiment for James White to be awarded the hardware. White led the winners in receiving with 110 yards and racked up 3 TD’s, including the game winner.

Brady himself acknowledged that White rightfully deserved the trophy. Too bad his name was already chiseled on it.

Still, what's he gonna do with another MVP truck? So Brady opted to give it to White.

For those keeping track of MVP trucks, they'll recall Brady gave Malcolm Butler the MVP truck after his gamesaving goal-line interception two Supes ago:

Brady's among the most divisive figure in football. You either love the dude or hate him.

And yet, he deserves kudos for handing the keys to the man who should've gotten the nod in the first place.

Then again, it’s a lot easier to give something away when you’ve won it as many times as Brady has.