Bloods, Crips ... Monks: Tim Tebow Was Ousted from NFL for Gang Affiliation

Published on 5-Apr-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Bloods, Crips ... Monks: Tim Tebow Was Ousted from NFL for Gang Affiliation

Turns out DeSean Jackson wasn't the only player released from his team due to "gang affiliation".

Tim Tebow suffered the same fate.

When the former starting quarterback was waived by the New York Jets in 2013, most everyone believed it was due to him having the accuracy of Rob Ford recounting a pub crawl. Not so. A source who was at the center of the Tebow turfing has revealed to The Daily Player there were deal-breaking concerns over his off-field influences:

"Tim had friends who were known members of a gang called the 'Monks'. They routinely go around singing hymns, quoting the bible, baptizing unsuspecting passers-by, not having sex. They've been on the radar of police for a number of years.

"They're pretty scary."

Despite Tebow's name having come up in connection with Monks mayhem, police have no firm proof that Tebow is a member of the gang, which was formed around 40 AD and has an estimated one billion members across the globe. They identify, however, that Tebow routinely flashed Monks gang signs in photos on social media - and even on TV during an NFL game.


"You don't want to see anybody dishing up that sort of stuff," a spokesperson said. "Those were Monks gang signs and he aired them out during a game. He may not wear the standard Monks' uniform or have the membership's horseshoe haircut, but folks not in the gang are generally none too happy with that sort of display."

We contacted Tebow, but he declined to respond to our story, saying he was too busy trying to raise the Oakland Raiders from the dead.