Bills Forget Kickoffs Rules; Allow Onside TD

Published on 1-Jan-2017 by CJ

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Bills Forget Kickoffs Rules; Allow Onside TD

Week 17 splits the NFL into two different worlds.

One world involves teams who have already or are trying to punch their post-season ticket.

The other one involves teams whose have already punched their airline tickets for their off-season vacations.

The latter games often feature a number of follies, as players have already checked out mentally.

Sunday’s Jets-Bills game was no exception.

At 4-11 and 7-8 respectively, both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills had absolutely nothing to play for.

The only possible interesting angle was quashed earlier in the week when the Bills canned ex-Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Actually, that was his twin brother, Rob.

He's gone, too.

So, in all senses of the word, this game was your normal Week 17 meaningless event.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, who's been arguably the worst QB this season, played well. Of course, a number of Bills defenders were probably thinking about their upcoming Cancún vacation or which Florida golf course they'd be playing.

With a mere 3:21 remaining in their season, the Jets' Nick Folk popped a field goal that put New York up, 23-3. It seemed that the field goal would be a simple, inauspicious event that would only be of interest to those who had action.

Who knew it'd set up the coolest play of the game?

Folk's nine-iron of a kickoff dropped in at the Bills' 15. Only one Bills player, Mike Gillislee, went back to field the bouncing ball.

Gillislee allowed it to roll into the end zone, where it sat until several Jets special teamers dove on it. Since this was a kickoff and not a punt, the ball was live and the Jets rang up 7 points.

Against the laws of space and time, New York had scored 10 points in a total of 0 seconds.

Einstein was right. Time is relative.