Bears QB Situation Muddled; Like Everything Else

Published on 19-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Bears QB Situation Muddled; Like Everything Else

The Chicago Bears are not a good football team.

This has been firmly established through six weeks of the season, with their 1-5 record being a pretty obvious clue.

The immediate future looks dire as well, with a visit to Lambeau Field and a home date with the currently undefeated Vikings on tap before a much needed bye week.

With all of this evidence at our disposal, it seems rather silly to discuss a QB controversy.

But such things do create drama, even if they involve a team with very little talent or drive.

Brian Hoyer has been subbing for the injured Jay Cutler and has been perfectly respectable, currently sporting a QB rating of 100.8.

In addition, Captain Clipboard has yet to throw a pick, which is saying something, considering the number of times he's asked to throw the ovoid.

However, Kristin Cavallari's husband could return soon from his thumb owie, so the plot thickens.

The Bears have moved the ball consistently with Hoyer at the controls but settle for field goals much too often in the red zone.

If they hand the keys back to Cutler, they'll still continue to lose football games.

Neither slinger is the future, so perhaps it's time to, you know, maybe formulate a plan.

Just a thought.