Baylor Coach May Be Interested in Redskins Job

Published on 23-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Baylor Coach May Be Interested in Redskins Job

Baylor head football coach Art Briles may not have been interested in coaching the Texas Longhorns, but apparently, he isn't opposed to leaving Waco for the bright lights of Washington DC and Team Dysfunction, better known as the Redskins.

According to NFL insider Jason La Canforna, Briles is open to leaving Baylor and reuniting with his former quarterback, Robert Griffin III.

La Canforna says this:

Briles, who is currently focused on recruiting at the school, would have interest in the Redskins’ job under certain circumstances, sources said, and some believe he could put together an NFL-caliber staff as well, without having to overly rely on his contemporaries at Baylor. Snyder is widely expected to fire coach Mike Shanahan at the end of the season, with his team again at the bottom of the NFL East standings and Shanahan’s relations with RG3 in tatters and issues with his staff, and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in particular, no secret at Redskins Park.

Griffin and his parents are big supporters of Briles and clearly a big part of the Redskins’ job will be getting the franchise quarterback back to the level at which he played in 2012, when he spearheaded an improbable run of seven-straight victories to get Washington a division title. It was the lone bright spot since Shanahan took over the team.

Briles just signed a huge extension to continue as Baylor's head coach, so leaving for RGIII would definitely be a shocker in not only the college football ranks, but in the NFL, too. But if I was Briles, I'd look at the last Redskins head coach that left a good college job for the NFL and tried to coach his own players in the pros.

It was a rude awakening for the Ol' Ball Coach, as it has been for other college football luminaries.

Spurrier tried to use his system at Florida in DC with with his old quarterback, and that didn't exactly work out for him. 

It's no secret there's no love lost between Mike Shanahan and Griffin, especially since the head coach benched his star quarterback. Something has to give, and it looks like it wil be Shanahan. Obviously, the only reason he's still there is that $7million salary he's due for next season.

That's serious cash, but Shanahan's already banked enough serious cash in his career. Is it really worth it to put up with an overbearing owner and a hobbled quarterback for another year?

Briles is no doubt paying close attention to the current situation. Does he really want to trade hero worship in Waco for the filthy lucre of DC?

Snyder burns through coaches like they're kindling. And as hot as Briles is, he hasn't won anything yet. He'd best get the exact terms he wants before he jumps into this fire.