Bama QBs: Competition or Controversy?

Published on 13-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Bama QBs: Competition or Controversy?

Both Alabama quarterbacks Jacob Coker and Blake Sims looked good last weekend in their glorified scrimmage against Florida Atlantic.

But I think Sims still looked like the better of the two.

He appeared more comfortable and in more control of the offense than Coker.

Coker has an arm, but Sims had more confidence, and it showed on the field. He tossed for three touchdowns last Saturday, while Coker had one.

My point is, we now why know why Blake Sims is the starter and Jacob Coker is on the bench.

It's not a unanimous opinion, though. Tide Fans are still taking sides as to who should start. To me, that's down to how the media is covering it.

Flash back to the first game, when former Alabama QB Greg McElroy -- now with the SEC Network -- wasn't very flattering toward either the quarterback during their game against West Virginia.

The media is a HUGE reason why there is a controversy. If you listen to pundits across the country, they have already said Alabama won't win a national championship under Sims which made every Alabama fan I know antsy.

If you listen to the Paul Finebaum Show, some Alabama fans are ready to jump off the cliff because of this quarterback controversy, if you can call it that.

Nick Saban doesn't seem to care who fans and media picked as their starter.

To me, whichever quarterback develops and gives us the best chance to win when we play Florida, that's the guy we're going to play.

So far Blake has done a really good job, and we're trying to get Jake experience. Whether he has to play or we need him to play or something happens to another quarterback, he's ready to play.

After watching Coker play last weekend, maybe fans understand now why one was chosen over the other. Doesn't mean that the controversy is over.

Until Blake Sims has a big win against a ranked opponent (see Florida), there will be doubt.

But not from me.