$2 Wins $2,000,000 for FanDuel Newbie

Published on 25-Dec-2014 by The Dudes

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$2 Wins $2,000,000 for FanDuel Newbie

So Scott Hanson heads to the universally acclaimed FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship in Las Vegas.

He lays down a $2 entry fee and selects his NFL fantasy team for the weekend.

The next thing Hanson knows, he's lighting up the scoreboard. At the top, in fact.

And that won the dude FanDuel's $2million first prize. Not only that, check out the ride home he and his companion got, compliments of FanDuel:

FanDuel $2,000,000 winner

It was quite a weekend:

  • The top winners were new to FanDuel and won their seats in the $2 weekly qualifiers. 
  • Besides Hanson's big score, second place won $1million, and third place pocketed $500,000. The total payout for the live final was a whopping $7million! Lotsa happy dudes and dudettes!
  • The event featured VIP nights out all over Las Vegas at hot venues like the Marquée Nightclub, Hakkasan Nightclub, Twin Peaks, and the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino.

Additionally, many finalists took a private helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, among other awesome activities hosted by FanDuel.

Here's Hanson being interviewed just before he grabbed the top spot on the leaderboard:

Click here to check out more accounts, photos, and video of the weekend's proceedings.

Again, Hanson was as green as they come to FanDuel. He didn't play his first game until NFL Week 15 and was only $35 into it. So don't think you need to be a pro to rack up some serious dosh!

There are FanDuel short-term fantasy games year 'round in all the major sports. Just check the ad in the left column of this page for more details. There's nothing to say that you won't be the next Scott Hanson!