Top Moments in SEC Media Days History

Published on 17-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Top Moments in SEC Media Days History

Now that SEC Media Days are underway, I thought I'd list a few of its best moments over the years.

This event has gotten so big that over 1200 media credentials were given this year -- 1200! -- and this is not even a game. It's grown like it has because of various incidents that have taken place there over the years. Unpredictability is like blood in the water to media sharks.

From Tim Tebow to Johnny Manziel, SEC Media Days are never boring. Here are a few reasons why:

Tim Tebow Being Asked If He is Still A Virgin ... Tebow has never hidden the fact that he was saving himself for marriage, so a bold reporter asked him the question we all wanted to know: Are you still a virgin? Tebow, being Tebow, calmly told the reporter 'why yes, yes he was.' Why is that a big moment? Because a writer had the guts to ask the biggest college football star in the country such a personal question and, rather than run away, Tebow answered

Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer Skipping SEC Media Days ... There is no secret Alabama and Tennessee don't like each other, but we didn't realize how much until Phillip Fulmer skipped coming to Birmingham one year because of death threats he was receiving. Fulmer was the 'deep throat,' so to speak, in an NCAA case involving the Crimson Tide, and some Bama fans didn't take too kindly to it. Fulmer did all his interviews through conference calls. Needless to say, the commissioner was not too pleased. 

Phillip Fulmer Being Subpoenaed ... There were rumors floating around for days that Fulmer was going to be served a subpoena if he set one foot in the state of Alabama; he did and he was. The law offices of Blankenship, Harrelson & Wollitz of Birmingham served him. Fulmer was to appear in court a few days after UT played Auburn to testify in a libel and defamation lawsuit brought on because of an NCAA case in which Fulmer was involved. To say he wasn't a happy camper would be an understatement, but it made for interesting drama. 

The Second Coming of Nick Saban ... Nick Saban is normally the rock star at these events for obvious reasons, but his first year back in the fold was wild, to say the least. He didn't say anything earth-shattering, but just his presence was enough to send fans and media over the top.

Steve Spurrier Quotes ... What would SEC Media Days be like without a few quotes of wisdom from the Ole Ball Coach? Spurrier never disappoints when it comes to events like these, and he always comes prepared with a few one-liners for everyone's enjoyment. Spurrier has taken shots at Nick Saban, Les Miles, Tennessee football, and Clemson. One of his best was, "You can't spell Citrus [meaning the Citrus Bowl] without UT." Not sure he said that at Media Days, but it was still a good line. Spurrier doesn't mind being out there with potential bulletin board material, which is why the media love him. 

The SEC has it all. Great football, great coaches, and they know how to keep the party rolling.