The Tide Keeps Rollin'

Published on 10-Nov-2013 by Towner Park

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The Tide Keeps Rollin'

It's amazing to think that Alabama is on the verge of competing for it's 3rd straight National Championship.

Nick Saban, regardless of what you may think about him personally, has created a dynasty since taking over as head coach of the Crimson Tide. That would be a mini-dynasty if you're the critical type. Over the past three years, it seems as though the Crimson Tide should have stumbled, fallen, and/or had a mental breakdown more than a handful of times in a big game. Although Johnny Manziel created a ripple last year, it ultimately had no effect whatsoever on Alabama's dominance. (It just helped introduce the world who Johnny Football was. Obviously, he took it from there).

This year, the Tide has reminded the critics that they're the team to beat, by far. With its explosive offense -- which has just recently started to click on all cylinders -- and its suffocating defense, Alabama is reasserting itself as the overwhelming favorite in each game it plays.

The LSU game was supposed to be a challenge. Granted, the Bayou Bengals did hang with Bama for two quarters, but in order to stem the Tide, you must contest and continuously punish them for an entire game. By trouncing LSU, 38-17, Alabama proved once again that the SEC is adorned with Crimson Red.

Entering last night's game, LSU had enjoyed a relatively decent run of success against their SEC rivals. However, after Bama made some necessary adjustments at the half, it was all Crimson Tide, as they outscored the Tigers by 21 points in the second half. The Bama D stifled a normally prolific LSU ground attack by holding it to just 43 yards rushing.

After conquering their two toughest opponents, Bama seems destined to defend its crown. With Auburn left on the schedule and a potential match-up with a Top Ten Missouri team looming, the race for the crown won't be as easy as outsiders may think. I truly don't foresee a letdown, given Alabama's recent success against Top Ten teams. This edition is one of the most well-coached teams in the country; it always seems to be amped, disciplined, and determined to compete to the best of its ability.

I'm excited to see how this season plays out, and I expect to see Florida State vs Alabama in Pasadena on 6 January. As of today, I don't foresee any other scenario panning out.

But then again, this is college football.