Teddy Bridgewater Got Game

Published on 6-Dec-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Teddy Bridgewater Got Game

Teddy Bridgewater put on quite a display Thursday night, showing us why he's considered by most observers to be the likely top selection in the 2014 NFL Draft.

And yes, he also led Louisville to a dramatic 31-24 overtime truimph against Cincinnati, claiming something called the Keg of Nails in the process.

This prize does sound rather harsh and menacing, but as we know, anything goes in the Battle for the Ohio River.

But I digress. Lets get back to Teddy for a moment.

The Cardinals' quarterback was spectacular in the fourth quarter, showing off both his arm and mobility.

His 22-yard touchdown strike to Damian Copeland was particularly tasty, as Bridgewater first avoided the sack with a series of moves, and then literally whipped the ball side-armed as he was falling backwards, hitting Copeland in the corner of the end zone for the go ahead score.

Teddy Bridgewater touchdown against Cincy

Teddy and the Heisman Trophy have not been mentioned in the same sentence for some time, and it's unlikely that Bridgewater will even score an invite to the ceremony. But Louisville slinger has been really good this season for a one-loss team. His numbers have improved across the board over last season, and he performed very well in that one defeat.

Bridgewater has all the necessary physical tools, in addition to intangibles such as grit and character, to become a very solid professional.

So cheers to Teddy Bridgewater. Please be careful with that Keg of Nails.

Oh, and enjoy that other event in April. The NFL Draft, I believe it is.

I have a hunch you will fare much better than those Heisman finalists.