Nude Yale Students Cause Delay of Harvard Game

Published on 29-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Nude Yale Students Cause Delay of Harvard Game

If you watch sports long enough, you're likely to see just about everything.

And now, we can all scratch naked students interrupting a college football game off the bucket list.

Last Saturday at The Game -- which is what many call the annual tussle between Yale and Harvard -- a group of overzealous and clearly uninhibited Eli students decided to shed all of their clothing, some of them even standing on the wall and mooning the field.

Here's a little glimpse:


It's difficult to say what compelled these future titans of industry to go all lewd and provocative, but who are we to judge?

Perhaps it was simply the crushing boredom of sitting through an Ivy League football game.

Whatever the reason, it appears these ambitious, overprivileged exhibitionists may have actually provided some much needed inspiration to the moribund Yale football team.

Somehow, the fighting Bulldogs were able to defeat Harvard on the road, 21-14, securing only their third win of the season.

Take a bow sirs, for, this was truly a group effort.

Eventually, these silly dudes were removed from the stadium, but they'll never be forgotten.

This incident calls to mind the many episodes of streaking that have taken place at sporting events over the years.


Remember, we can always count on the stupidity of our fellow man.

It's almost comforting.