NCAA Football Week 3: Stock Up, Stock Down

Published on 15-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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NCAA Football Week 3: Stock Up, Stock Down

Looking back on Saturday's fun and games, we're left, first and foremost, to wonder what Georgia was thinking.

How could the Bulldogs not run Todd Gurley when the chips were down?

And what did Steve Spurrier pay to get the officials to give his team that first down to beat Georgia?

Game of inches? Riiight.

Don't be cruising through the Peach State this week at even 1mph over the limit if you've got South Carolina plates. Come to think of it, Floridians had best watch that gas pedal through Kentucky, too.

But move along, Wildcats. From the weasel-word statement that the conference toadies released afterward, it looks like a few dudes in the SEC front office are angling to work for the NFL.

Stock up: South Carolina ... Left for dead by Texas A&M, the Gamecocks showed the 24/7 ADD crowd that a season consists of more than one game. A game played by often unpredictable 18- to 23-year-olds, incidentally. This batch now leads the SEC East. For this week, anyway.

Stock down: Georgia ... Am I surprised that the Bulldogs lost? No, they are who we thought they are. They do this every year. Lose to South Carolina, bounce back, and win the East. That's just what they do.

Stock up: Steve Spurrier ... Say what you want about the Ol' Ball Coach, when it comes to games like this, he's at his best. Especially when it comes to beating Mark Richt.

Stock down: Georgia Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo .. Really, what was he thinking?

Stock up: Boston College .. Again, for now. Last week, the Golden Eagles look like the Washington Generals against a decent Pittsburgh squad. This week, they join Virginia Tech and pull a huge upset by beating USC. If you saw this coming, raise your hand. Not you, Husky Nation!

Stock down: USC ... OK, maybe Stanford did lose that game in Week 2 more than the Trojans won it. Anyone who saw that game or took a deep look into its stats would've foretold a looming danger on the East Coast. But who takes deep looks anymore?

Stock up: Arkansas ... 12 passes? That's it? So a Big Ten offense with SEC players can take down a middle-of-the-pack Big XII team on the road? Time to see if that combo can hold down a Big Ten offense with MAC players. 50-50, dudes.

Stock down: Texas ... The Longhorns had UCLA right where they wanted them and blew it. We're talking about the coin toss.

Texas coin toss loss


Charlie not pleased tweet

Are the 'Horns so talent-depleted that they can't even find one honor student to go out there and keep a handle on the proceedings? Charlie may have more of a rebuilding project than he thought.

Stock up: Kentucky ... Yessiree, another day closer to hoops season. But full marks to Wildcats RB JoJo Kemp, whose tweet made the bulletin board in Gatorville, and then some:

JoJo Kemp tweet poster

Stock down: Florida ... Have the Gators fallen so far that they have to depend on dolled-up bulletin board material to get psyched for a conference game? And then they almost turn Kemp into Nostradamus? Maybe they should be circling Sat 8 Nov on their calendar now.

Stock up: Jerry Neuheisel ... How about a huge cheer for a Bruins back-up QB who was a walk on, wound up winning the starting job, and became the Rose Bowl MVP in his senior year? Yep, Rick Neuheisel.

And now, like father, like son.

And yes, dad was watching ... and working.

18- to 23-year-old-kids.