Mr Heisman Involved in Baseball Brawl

Published on 26-Mar-2014 by Towner Park

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Mr Heisman Involved in Baseball Brawl

As if his offseason incident during Florida State's national championship football run wasn't enough.

Jameis Winston, reigning Heisman Trophy winner and catalyst for the Florida State program, was involved in another altercation last night.

Fortunately, it seems the fallout won't be anything significant, but the incident itself is still worth noting.

You don't have to be a Floridian to understand the magnitude of the Gators-Seminoles rivalry. Ask anyone. They hate each other with a passion. It's well publicized.

And as we can see, this rivalry is not just confined to the gridiron.

Florida State baseball, ranked No 1 in the country, got upended by the pesky Gators last night in Jacksonville. The Gators had already defeated the Seminoles this year, 3-1 but last night, things got salt.

Florida State left-fielder DJ Stewart started the melée by colliding with Florida pitcher Danny Young. Apparently, Gator first baseman Zack Powers didn't take too kindly to his pitcher being hit and consequently confronted Stewart.

Colorful language was exchanged, benches were cleared, and a good ol' fashioned baseball brawl ensued.

One of the brawlers, the aforementioned Mr Winston, was photographed being held back by some of the officials and security guards who ended up rushing onto the field in hopes of calming the situation.

Luckily, the brawl itself turned out to be nothing but a pushing match. After the main culprits were ejected, the game continued, and FSU ended up on the losing end once again, 4-1.

Keep in mind these teams play again on 8 April. Should be a good crowd in Tallahassee.

And hopefully, the only crowd will be the one in the stands.