McCarron Explains Why He's Skipping Senior Bowl

Published on 14-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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McCarron Explains Why He's Skipping Senior Bowl

As we reported two weeks ago, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron will be skipping the Senior Bowl.

Depending on to whom you speak, this will hurt McCarron's chances in April's NFL Draft, but it sounds like McCarron is saving himself for other upcoming NFL events.

 "I really appreciate being invited to play in the Senior Bowl," McCarron said. "It is quite an honor and something I've dreamed about while growing up in the Mobile area. However, at this time, I'm putting all of my focus and energy into preparing for the NFL Combine, pro day and the rest of the pre-draft evaluation process. Therefore, I won't be taking part in the Senior Bowl."

I wonder why?

It's virtually become a tradition that the senior quarterback at Alabama or Auburn plays in this game and leads the South.

While I understand McCarron is taking this position, I'd think after the way he played in the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma -- where he threw two costly interceptions and had a fumble -- that he'd want to go out there and prove himself.

Guess not.

I'll bet Tim Tebow wished he had done the same thing a few years ago.