McCarron and Webb to Star in Reality Series

Published on 10-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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McCarron and Webb to Star in Reality Series

AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb aren't wasting any time with cashing in on their engagement.

The pair apparently are trying to shop a reality series based on their betrothal planning.

According to Webb's sister Laurie, the filming started at the engagement party.

 “They’ve already started filming during the proposal,” Laurie Webb told the Auburn Plainsman.

“From what I understood, it came from someone else. I don’t think they were trying to get into a reality show, I think they just had the opportunity and decided to take it.”

Apparently, no one knew about this idea until recently, not even Webb's parents.

“After that was made known, my wife and I did several interviews,” Alan said. “As reality shows go, this would be a wholesome one for sure.”

Give McCarron and Webb credit for striking while the iron is hot. McCarron is about to be a rookie in the NFL and Webb is becoming one of the top models in the country.

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And despite what others may think about this, let's be honest. Who cares what others may think? If most of us were put in a position to document our lives for money, we'd take it.

But they'll have a ways to go before they beat the Government Shutdown Wedding of the Century: